3rd Battalion
Royal Australian Regiment
Your Faithfully
Japan - Korea - Malaya - Borneo - Vietnam - East Timor - Solomons - Iraq - Afghanistan

3rd Battalion
Royal Australian Regiment

Roll of Honour

Solomons 2005
Peacetime Accidental 1987 & 1992/96
Vietnam 2nd Tour 1971
Vietnam 1st Tour 1967 / 1968
Korean War

Most Recent Conflicts


(L to R) Sapper James Martin, LCpl Stjepan Milosevic and Private Robert Poate
29th August 2012

Sapper James Thomas Martin
LCpl Stjepan "Rick" Milosevic
Private Robert H. F. Poate

A Video Memorial Ode to all Australian Soldiers Killed in Action in Afghanistan


Pte J Kovco
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Peacetime Accidental Training Deaths

LCPL Craig Barry Bateman 19 Years (Nelson Bay Cemetery)
Died 17th October 1987 at Silver Plains Qld (Parachute malfunction)

Pte Adrian S. Cave Accidently shot 26th May 1992 Cultana South Australia
Private Nicholas Shields Suicide resulting from Cave's death in December 1996

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial National

Canberra ACT Australia

Vietnam 2nd Tour 1971

Pte Paul Manning
2Lt David Paterson
Pte Ronald W Salzmann
Lt John W Wheeler

An Honour Roll for those who were Killed In Action
in direct support of 3 RAR during 1971.

Pilot Officer Ronald W Betts.
LAC A. C. Bloxsom.
Flt Lt E. M. Lance.
Cpl D J Dubber.
Pte L W H Adams.
2Lt I G Mathers

Vietnam 1st Tour 1967 / 1968

Pte L N Brown
Pte J A Campbell
Sgt R T Carrol
Pte R J Caston
Pte K G Coles
Pte A J Cooper
Pte B N Davidson
Pte J W Desnoy
Pte J A Doherty
2Lt J Fraser
Cpl R L Fisher
Pte G R Godden
Pte K R Houston
Sgt P E Lewis
Pte G F Mathews
Pte G R Polglase
Cpl A V Quiglet
Pte J R Rapp
2Lt L A Taylor
Pte W M Thomas
Pte I J Thomson
Pte T J De Vries Van Leeuwen
Cpl P R P Vanrijsewijk
Pte J T Worle

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5976 Sgt Rreginald John Weiland 23/03/65
61207 Sgt Vincent Phillip Vella 17/05/65
1200029 Pte Larry Richard Downes 17/05/65
37746 Pte Dennis Michael Millane 27/08/65

Lt David John Brian (5th March 1964)
( Thai border whilst searching for the remnants of Chin Pengs terrorists)

Malaya (Emergency)
Pte Cecil Charles Anderson 4/03/56
Pte Aeneas John Tulloch 31/01/58
Cpl D A Seesink 28/02/58(Illness)
Cpl. Peter Leslie Haynes 23/05/58
Sgt Maurice Ryan 14/12/58

Pte F. N. O'Sullivan
Pte P. E. White 7/08/64

Korean War

National Korean War Memorial

Canberra ACT Australia

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1946 to 1950
Pte R L Chamberlin (7th April 1949)
Pte O. F. Fitch(17th July 1950)

3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment


3 RAR Plaque
(Located Australian War Memorial gardens, west of the memorial building)
Dedicated: 20th October 2007

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