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Vietnam Veterans Vigil
3rd August 2023

Download Vietnam Veterans Vigil Program as presented...

Wollongong Memorial Gardens
Unanderra NSW 2526

The 50th Anniversary Reunion for the 2nd Tour Vietnam 1971
4th to the 9th June, 2021
Canberra, ACT.

The 50th Anniversary reunion events ran con-currently with the DVA Commemoration of Operation Overlord which included the Battle of Long Khanh National Service event conducted on Monday 7th June 2021,
at the Vietnam Forces National Memorial.

The Flowers of War premiere recital of the
Vietnam Requiem occurred on Saturday 5th June and again on Sunday 6th June. Both sessions were booked out.

The 6 days of reunion activities included the above events as well as 5 Last Post ceremonies, 2 Grave Side
remembrances services a combined 3rd Battalion RAR and 9 Sqn RAAF Dining night on Saturday 5th June 2021 and organised guided tours of the Treloar Annex. Aditionally company units and other groups each held gathering
in and around Canberra.

The following are photographic displays and mini-descriptions of the reunion events.
The Vietnam Requiem, Composers talk and individual company or group activities photographs
do not appear here. (Yet)

Members wishing to receive copies of photographs may do so. All photographs will be supplied via thumb and mailed.
Every photograph and document in the collection will be placed on the thumb memory stick as well as all photographs from the 2011 40th Anniversary Reunion. (See at bottom of this page for details.)

The majority of photographs on all videos are by John Head. Video by Tony Cox

Last Post Ceremony 2Lt David Paterson
Australian War Memorial
4th June 2021

2Lt David Paterson's LPC wreath layer for the 3rd Battalion was to be Pte Allan Gould.
Alan was restricted from attending Canberra because of the Victorian & ACT Covid laws. Allan had never attended a reunion since 1971 but was keen to participate particularly in the LPC. Allan Gould was severely wounded on the 20th March 1971 and was the last to speak with David. Tony Cox (also formally 8 Pl C Coy 3RAR 1971) laid the wreath in his stead but announced the wreath laying before doing so explaining Allan's apology for not attending.

The second 3rd Battalion wreath laid, without fanfare, for Pte Ronald Saltzman. A Company 3RAR representative Terry Beaumont was announced on this occasion and the wreath laid.

View David Paterson's Life Story and Last Post Ceremony here.

Download the AWM Last Post Ceremony, 2Lt David Paterson's Life Story here

My Memories of David Paterson by Stacey Kruck

View the Lt David Paterson Last Post Ceremony photograph video below;

Photographs by John Head. Video Tony Cox

Lt John William Wheeler

A grave side service was held at 9am on the 5th June at the Norward Park Crematorium, Mitchell ACT on Saturday 5th June, 2021 in remembrance of Lt John William Wheeler who killed in action on 2nd March 1971. The service was well attended considering the Canberra weather which that morning was -2c. The following video are photographs available from that event. Delighted to have a piper from 3 RAR Townsville accompany the service.

Wreath layer on behalf of the 3rd Battalion was David Horner. (Formally D Coy 3RAR 1971.)

Grave Side Service Program Download Here

Photograph video Below;

Last Post Ceremony Pilot Officer Ronald William Betts
Australian War Memorial
5th June 2021

View P/o Ronald William Betts Life Story and Last Post Ceremony here.

3rd Battalion RAR wreath layer for P/o Ronald Betts was Tony Cox. (Formally 8 Pl C Coy 3RAR 1971)
The second 3rd Battalion wreath laid on this occasions without fanfare for LAC Alan Clarence Bloxsom (RAAF) was
laid by Russell Campbell. (A Coy 3 RAR 1971)

View the Last Post Ceremony Photographs Video (youtube) below;

50th Anniversary
3rd Battalion RAR & 9 Sqn RAAF Vietnam 1971
Dining Night

5th June 2021

Function Rooms. Ainslie Football Club. Ainslie Canberra ACT

Capacity seating for former members of the 3rd Battalion RAR and 9 Sqn RAAF with relative and friends of the battalion, the RAAF and relatives of those killed in action in 1971. Most disappointing was the Victorian Covid 19 restrictions that severely hampered those Victorians who were bitterly disappointed in not being able to attend all events in Canberra over the weekend. Overall registered members numbered 320+ however approx 60 members apologised because of Victorian restrictions and a few because of ill health.

The combined dining evening, unanimously agreed to by all parties involved, was in consideration to the joint effort and losses experienced not only in The Battle of Long Khanh but also in other actions in 1971 where the colour of your uniform did not separate you from the dangers and the losses. In deep respect, all family members and friends of those lost in action could share the fellowship of what was a significant moment in time for everyone.

Time and again the feelings expressed by families, friends and members of the services were that the 50th Anniversary has been a significant life moment where sorrows appear to have been lightened and the future
appears brighter.

Coincidentally the flag party from the 3rd Battalion RAR Townsville were attending Canberra and the opportunity to invite the pipes and drums was too good to miss. Col Peter Scott delighted, as we all did, in the performances of the band members with an unforgettable rendition of "Were a Pack of Bastards" as can be viewed (and felt) in the photographs.

Clearly a significant dining night, extremely well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. To all the members who could not attend because of Victorian Covid restrictions and because of ill health that made travel difficult, I hope the photographs and documents displayed will bring you some consolation.

View the Opening Speech delivered by Organiser/Coordinator Tony Cox here:
View Col Peter Scott's Dining Night Address here:

The following is a video of the presentations displayed and photographs taken during the dining evening.
Nine visiting members of the 3rd Battalion Townsville made entrance to the venue preceded by 2 pipers and 2 drummers who paraded through the room and entertained members with several tunes. The evening commenced
with a remembrance display followed by a short 3 minute video of the 1987 Sydney Welcome Home Parade.

The welcome to Canberra was delivered by Tony Cox (Organiser/Coordinator) with a short debrief of feelings consistent with the event.
Col Peter Scott DSO (Ret'd) and Wing Commander Robert Redman CSC RAAF (Ret'd) 9 sqn RAAF 1971 spoke followed by 3rd Battalion, Maj McCarthy who described briefly 3 RAR's current status and delivered a presentation video of 3 RAR exercise action.

Upon Col Peter Scott's introduction a rendition of "Were a Pack of Bastards" occurred but that was superseded by
an encore rendition, later in the evening, led by Col Peter Scott, where standing members voiced their courage loudly
over several verses. It was a lot of fun.


Flight Officer Everitt Murray Lance

Grave side Service Program Download here.

See below for Last Post Ceremony 7th June 2021

A grave side service was held at 9am on the 6th June at the Woden Cemetery, ACT in remembrance of Flt Officer Everitt Murray Lance who killed in action on the 7th June 1971 during the Battle of Long Khanh. The service was well attended with a sizable family presence and 20 to 30 former members of 3 RAR and 9 Sqn RAAF.

The service commenced at 0900hours with Jeff Barrett as MC. Whilst Everitt Lance was a RAAF member, the RAAF members were happy for 3 RAR to MC. The service program download is above for viewing. The following is a photographic video presentation of the photographs taken on the day. Photographs are available upon request.

Photographs by John Head

Vietnam Requiem
6th and 7th June 2021

The 2021 premier of the Australian War Memorials, Flowers of War trilogy the Vietnam Requiem occurred on Saturday 5th June and Sunday 6th June. The following download is a City News review of the performance and comments from attendees.

Vietnam Requiem on UTube
View here...

Last Post Ceremony Cpl David John Dubber MID
Australian War Memorial
6th June 2021

View Cpl David John Dubber's Life Story and Last Post Ceremony here.

Victorian and ACT strict Covid restrictions denied David's daughter and sisters the opportunity to attend David's LPC and the Commemoration. Negotiations with restrictions continued however visitation by daughter, Ms Lisa Dubber was curtailed by the ACT to attend the Commemoration on the Monday, but not the LPC on the Sunday evening.

Lisa's personal arranged wreath was with-held by Tony Cox for the LPC. 9 Sqn RAAF rep Robert Redman and Tony Cox decided to stand in for the family and lay two wreaths supplied by the AWM. The wreaths laid represented Lisa's mother, Lisa and David's sisters Patricia and Margaret.

Ms Lisa Dubber received ACT permission to attend the Commemoration on Monday 7th June but was instructed not to lay the wreath designated for her father, Cpl David Dubber MID. Representing the family, DVA designated Robert Redman and Tony Cox. When called, Robert and Tony presented at the memorial wreath laying but was not provided with a wreath for Cpl David Dubber. The wreath had been withheld by the designator at the event. Robert and Tony in place of the wreath laid poppies to complete the responsibility.

Immediately following the Commemoration, enquiries located the Cpl David Dubber Commemorative wreath and immediately arrangements were made for Ms Lisa Dubber to lay the wreath at the Vietnam Forces National Memorial for her father. These actions were filmed by the ABC.
Lisa laid her wreath and was given time to privately contemplate.

Enquiries were made to the AWM explaining the difficulties being experienced by Ms Lisa Dubber and the events of the previous evenings LPC event. Lisa Dubber's permit for visiting Canberra would expired at 1PM. Robert Redman and Tony Cox escorted Lisa by foot to the AWM.

The AWM had gathered their resources during the commemoration and responded. Upon arriving at the AWM Lisa was welcomed by a welcoming party at the entrance steps who dutifully escorted Lisa to the tomb of the unknown soldier. The AWM representatives conducted a mini LPC for Lis,a where upon Lisa was able to lay the
wreath withheld for her from the previous evening. Following the mini service Lisa was escorted by AWM staff to her fathers name on the hall of remembrance where she placed a poppy upon her fathers name and was given the opportunity to reflect. Lisa remained in the AWM for possibly another 30 minutes before returning directly to Victoria by her own vehicle transport.

Several difficulties occurred with the Victorian and ACT Covid restrictions. In Lisa's case we were incredibly
grateful to all parties who assisted in providing Lisa with the opportunity to attend and participate
despite the restrictions placed in front of her.

Cpl David Dubber's sisters Patricia and Margaret were unable to attend Canberra. Consideration is being given to
commemorating an event for them when a stable interstate environment again becomes the norm.

The 3rd RAR wreath laid in respect and remembrance on this occasion was by George Anderson, formally 5Pl B Coy 3RAR. The 9 Sqn RAAF wreath was laid by Gerry Mapstone, 9 Sqn RAAF 1971.

View the Last Post Ceremony Photographs Video (youtube) below;

National Service for the 50th Anniversary of
Operation Overlord
including the Battle of Long Khanh held at the
Vietnam Forces National Memorial Anzac Parade, Canberra ACT

Order of Service booklet download here;

Commemoration Service for Operation Overlord National Commemorative Service may be viewed
on utube. The hyperlink above will take you off the 3rar.com.au site to utube.

Bob Prideaux Commemoration Speech
Col Peter Scott Call to Remembrance Speech

Video of photographs taken on the day.

Photographs by John Head

Last Post Ceremony Flt Lt Everitt Murray Lance
Australian War Memorial
7th June 2021

View Flt Lt Everitt Murray Lance Life Story and Last Post Ceremony here.

3rd Battalion RAR wreath layer for Flt Lt Everitt Murray Lance was Graham Kells, CO 5Pl B Coy 3RAR 1971..
The second 3rd Battalion wreath laid on this occasions without fanfare was for 2Lt Ian Mathers, laid by Peter Maher and Gus Kelly, formally A Battery attached to B Coy, 3 RAR 1971.

View the Last Post Ceremony Photographs Video (youtube) below;

Photographs by John Head

Commemorative Coil Launch
Battle of Long Khanh

Australian Mint, Canberra. ACT
8th June 2021

Photographic video of the Commemorative coin launch.

Photographs by John Head, video Tony cox


Last Post Ceremony Pte Paul Manning
Australian War Memorial
9th June 2021

View Pte Paul Manning's Life Story and Last Post Ceremony here.

3rd Battalion RAR wreath layer for Pte Paul Manning was Lindsay Johnson, formally D Coy 3RAR 1971.
Apart from the Manning family, wreaths laid during this service and without fanfare were in memory of the members of D&E Platoon who perished on 12th June, 1971

Last Post Ceremony Transcript Download here

View of the photographs taken at the ceremony by John Head.


Reunion Photographs, Videos and Documentation Pack

Photographs taken in Canberra during the dates 4th June to 9th June 2021 number approximately 1100 and are sizable in digital (JPEG) file size. Being winter, last post ceremonies occur at approx 5pm when there islimited light so a few photographs are dark, but can be easilylightened using software. Presenting the photographs by video was the most convenient and economically way to display what is available.

Members wishing to receive complete copies of all photographs available from Canberra, June 2021 reunion may do so by contacting Tony Cox and arranging a small payment to purchase a computer USB memory stick, padded bag and necessary postage costs. (USB thumb $25, bag $1.20 & postage $2 approx)

You will receive all June 2021 available photographs (JPEG), photographic videos (Mp4) , video of the commemoration service on the 7th June including pre-service video and interviews conducted following the service. Video of each AWM last post ceremonies for all members, plus John Wheeler and Ian Mathers which were held at other times. Documented life story used at each service and speeches from the commemoration and the dining night.
Additionally included will be all professional and amateur photographs collected from the 2011,
40th Anniversary 3 RAR Canberra reunion event.

Email your name, address, phone number and the email address I will source from email heading.

Contact: Tony Cox

Remembrance Video Anzac Day 2020
3rd Battalion RAR Vietnam 1967-68 and 1971


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